unWired by 01Gravity

As of today, the internet is everything. There is no such thing in the world about which the internet does not hold a specific amount of information.

Be it sports, or news, or music, aur shoes, aur science or even the human being itself. The internet knows everything. Nothing is hidden from it.

People can do all kinds of stuff on the internet (if you know what I mean) but there are people use it to actually do something good and make themselves better.

What better way to accomplish that goal in a fun, exhalarating and interesting way than to do it while playing a game? Heaven, right?

Absolutely true. There are loads of games and apps available on the internet for just that reason alone. Now, reasoning is a very important trait in a human being.

So it is important to develop a strong reasoning base. There are many facilities that allow a person to test and improve their reasoning abilities.

unWired is an app that allows us to put ourselves to the test regarding our reasoning and problem solving skills and also gives us an oppurtunity to improve upon those skills. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.


In the game, we are given a series of straight lines which are tangled and overlap each other. We have to figure out the pattern and untangle the lines.

The game helps us by colouring the overlapped lines red. To solve the puzzle, you can drag the dots until all lines get untangled.


There is not much to say about this game but it is definitely trying-material. So go on and push your reasoning skills to the limit!!

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