Updown Fitness Workout Trainer

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Many people would like to be fit and may want to start exercising. The challenge comes when beginners do not know where to start from.

They may not know the types of exercises to do, how often to do them, which weights to use and how much weight to use among other things. This is an app that is designed to guide beginners and also professionals.

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Updown Fitness Workout Trainer is an app that is designed to guide beginners and also professionals.

Working out can be a social thing as you can see and save the workouts of your friends and you can also compete with them.

You are also rewarded when you exercise by earning points and levels where you deserve.

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More than 1000 exercises are available. The app tells you how much weight to use, the reps to perform and it also has visual and audio timers to help you work out effectively.

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