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Vacuum coating is a way to deposit very thin layers of a material, sometimes one atom at a time, on a solid. This process is performed under sub-atmospheric pressures, which is why it’s considered vacuum technology. It is done to protect an object from corrosion and is found on tools, firearms and automobile trim. It’s used on molds and dies and even used to make the gold and platinum records awarded to rock n’ roll stars. Vergason Technology Inc. has been a leader in this type of technology for nearly 30 years.

Vergason specializes in a process called PVD, or physical vapor deposition coating. PVD coatings are applications of metallic films to a surface and work best on conductive surfaces such as plastic, glass or metal. Vergason uses what’s called a sputtering process for its coatings, which is what makes it durable and resistant to corrosion.

The professionals at Vergason Technology Inc. are meticulous in their work, test their product at random intervals while it’s being coated, and review it before it’s sent to the customer.

Besides being resistant to corrosion, surfaces that have physical vapor deposition coating do not need much maintenance. Tools can work at higher speeds without deteriorating and resist heat, have reduced friction and are environmentally friendly. The coating comes in many bright colors and is uniform when it’s applied.

The coating materials used by Vergason are:

• Titanium nitride
• Zirconium nitride
• Titanium carbonitride
• Chromium nitride
• Aluminum titanium nitride
• Aluminum titanium chromium carbonitride
• Titanium aluminum nitride
• Titanium diboride

These coating materials have unique qualities that make them ideal for the surface that the customer wants to coat. For example, the aforementioned rock star who’s just had a gold record might want his vinyl record PVD coated in titanium nitride. Titanium nitride not only has a gold color but has a low deposition temperature that won’t do too much damage to a 45 or LP. On the other hand, titanium aluminum nitride is very hard and abrasion resistant, and recommended for stainless steel and cast iron.

Vergason Technology Inc. builds and installs equipment such as their Press-Side Rapid Cycle systems, Catarc 2500 PVD System and PVD Superchrome 660. This system results in a long-lasting, brilliant chrome coating and does not need a protective layer.

Vergason continues to take pride in their PVD technology.

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