Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank – External Mobile Battery Charger Pack for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Devices, Cell Phones, Tablet PCs

The Vinsic Tulip Power Bank is an external universal power bank that delivers 5V 1A output through its USB port. The 32oomAh power bank conveniently keeps all your digital devices fully charged during your travels.

It is a gadget that will always come in handy especially in desperate times when your devices runs out of charge and there is no mains power outlet in sight.

Since it is a universal charger, it will charge anything from an ipad, iPod, iPhone, HTC phones, digital cameras, game consoles, Samsung devices and even MP3 /MAP players.

This means that you only need to carry one charger with you at all times. Some of the features that make it convenient include its small compact size, it will not take up a lot of space.


The last thing you need while on the road is heavy and bulky accessories that take up luggage space and weigh you down. You can easily monitor the battery’s power level thanks to the power bank’s built in LED indicators that tell you how much power is left and indicates whether the battery is charging or not when plugged in.

The Power bank has a durable aluminium alloy outer casing; this has been manufactured through anodized processing. The aluminium alloy casing is also very comfortable to the touch.

This gadget will withstand overcharging, over discharging, over-current, and over-voltage. It also has a short circuit protection system and is by far one of the most reliable and safe to use power banks you can buy.

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