Wedding Day Sparklers

Are you planning on having a wedding? Then wedding sparklers must definitely be a part of your budget.

Although some people may not find them necessary, these sparklers have been known to brighten up your party, especially at night, making it more fun, lively and beautiful.

Since you need the fun to last long, you will need sparklers that light up for a longer period, and what other place can you get them apart from the Wedding Day Sparklers website?

This site offers a variety of wedding sparklers including the 10-inch, 20-inch and 32-inch wedding sparklers.

The 36 inch wedding sparklers are definitely the most adorable ones because even though they seem too long, their extra length caters for the longer duration they last once lit up.


These wedding sparklers are in fact more than twice longer and twice thicker than the 10-inch and 20-inch sparklers, which accounts for them being twice as long-lasting.

Made of Steel wire, these sparklers are smokeless so you don’t need to worry about reeking of smoke and ash as you head for your honeymoon.

A full case of these sparklers goes for $209.99 while half a case goes for $109.99.

If you only need to purchase half a box consisting on 48 sparklers, then you will have to part with $39.99 or $74.99 for a full box of 96 sparklers, making them really affordable, considering the fact that you will only need 1 or 2 for each of your guests to make your celebration memorable and worthwhile.

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