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There are several reasons to choose Toronto as your hometown:

(1) Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world

(2) Toronto has a subway system, which makes Toronto an excellent town where you don’t have to use a car to get somewhere

(3) Toronto has lots of employment options as it is ranked as the second most business competitive town in the world

(4) Toronto has excellent parks

(5) Toronto is not racist; on the contrary, Toronto is very open to immigrants, which makes it one of the cities with the most diverse culinary options in the world.

Although there are no bad neighborhoods in Toronto, there are neighborhoods that are closer to Toronto’s downtown and make your life easier as you don’t have to rely on your car to get to a cafe, college, at work, etc.

One of these neighborhoods is situated at 234 Simcoe Street, where you can find Artists’ Alley Condos. Artists’ Alley Condos is a group of towers located in the best area in Toronto, providing its residents with close by restaurants, colleges, parks, etc.


It is a great place to buy a condo in Toronto, for it is a perfect location for raising a family. You and your family can easily get everywhere without relying on your car as the primary transportation option.

The towers are situated close to a subway system. There are lots of shops and supermarkets at a walking distance, and you can get at the best places in town in a couple of minutes from your condo, including Alumni Cafe, Cafe Plenty, The Michener Institute, Queen’s Park, etc.

You can also choose the Artists’ Alley for your business residence since it is located in one of the most crowded places in Toronto. You can rest assure that your business’ logo will be seen.

Artists’ Alley is in the process of building, but the condos are already being sold to prospect customers.

These condos are located at one of the best areas in Toronto, so you’d better register your condo before it’s too late. Save your condo now and enjoy the many benefits this website has to offer.

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