What is AruLight?

As of today, there exists an app for almost everything. Be it songs, movies, games, fitness, search providers, and also very importantly, flashlights.

Flashlights are an undeniable necessity. There can be any number of reasons for you to need a flashlight.

For example, the power being suddenly cut and you’re caught unawares in the dark, or you need to find something hidden in the corner of an object, surrounded by darkness.

A flashlight solves all the aforementioned problems. But for us to be completely immune to these situations, we need to have a torch on a person at all times.

Now obviously we can’t carry a flashlight with us everywhere we go (that would be weird….and stupid.) So what do we do?

This is where technology comes in. A large number of applications have been developed which convert your mobile phone or any other device into a portable flashlight.

This saves you the trouble of carrying a flashlight around everywhere you go.

AruLight is one such app that uses the flash of your phone camera to convert it into a fully functional and portable flashlight.


It is newly released on Google’s Play Store, and it is developed by Garrick Oduber.

It has a low amount reviews, but the fact that all the reviews are 5 stars outweighs the fact that the are not very big in numbers. Some features of the app are:

* Elegant UI Designs
* User can easily switch between Themes
* Strobe mode with frequency controller
* User can easily switch between Themes
* Each theme has it’s own sound

There are manyy more themes being deveoped for this app.

In short, a must get necessity so that you can get on top of any bad situations which requires the use of a flashlight!

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