What is Asyric?

With the increase in the number of communication channels via Android devices, it is believed that security and privacy of communication has greatly been compromised.

With the right code in mind, you can actually retrieve any data from unprotected phones.

Though, with the right kind of technology, your phone can never be hacked and your communication data will remain safe, secure and private.

With Asyric installed on your Android phone or tablet, all your communication is kept private and safe.


With Asyric’s superb customizability, any user is allowed the chance to choose their visibility to other Asyric users.

You can actually choose the specific people you need to add to your communication list and these will be able to see your identity. You can also choose to remain anonymous to everyone or specific users of this application.


Asyric uses a combination of AES and ECC encryption to promote privacy, confidentiality and anonymity of your calls and messages, hence ensuring that you communicate with confidence.

All you need to have is your 4-digit pin and email address.

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