What is Blabel?

Well, social media is undoubtedly changing. If you want to sing happy birthday to your friend, or make an apology, you need not compress it to 140 characters anymore.

You can use Chir.ps to broadcast your voice on twitter. Just sign in, and authorize it to use your computer’s mic. Hit the start button, speak and stop when done. You can preview it and tweet it. You can choose to add text or not.

Blabel is a free, real time, multimedia messaging service that allows exchange of all type of multimedia messages in every devices.


Blabel is the first instant messaging service in the world available on smartphones, tablets, desktops, connect tv, smart watch and game consoles. It ‘s simple, powerful, secure, private, multi-platform and cross device.

For your important and private messages, by activating the private mode you can choose the self-destruct of the contents you send, your message can be read just for a short time with no track in the web.

You can initiate chats and create groups. There is online support for any queries. To get blabel, just go to www.blabel.com on your desktop. Download blabel for Android, iOS or Windows operating system.

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