What is Cash YoYo?

How many apps have you downloaded in your lifetime? The answers may vary across different groups of people, but most numbers probably range in the 100s.

Most times you might hear so much hype about an app only to download it and end up totally unimpressed.

Some people often download apps just to end up deleting them within minutes of installing them.

Cash YoYo is out to ensure that you never have to regret downloading an app ever again.


It’s a mobile service that offers users free gift cards and rewards for simply downloading an app or completing offers.

There’s little to no effort involved. Users can do anything as small as playing a game or watching videos and they’ll end up earning credits.

You’ll earn credits for every download or completed offer and you are free to redeem your gift card or cash reward whenever you please.

This means you can use the service daily and get either cash rewards via PayPal or international rewards on EBay, Xbox, iTunes, Amazon and more of your favorite brands.

Start here and enjoy choice and convenience for little to no effort right on your smartphone.

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