What is FlashBang!?

Times are quickly going forward, and as technology keeps evolving, it’s getting harder and harder to protect your privacy and control the flow of information.

When things were still mostly analog and not digital like today, you could simply show someone a photo without fearing that person might show it to others, since you can’t do that without physically taking it.

In the digital age, however, maintaining control over who gets to see the photos you post online is no easy task. Thankfully, the innovative FlashBang app really makes things easier.


It’s a social app, which means it has a built-in chat feature, and you can share photos with a friend. However, if that person tries to disrespect your privacy and take a screenshot, only the scrambled photo will be saved, which will be of little to no use to anyone.

Some photos are more sensitive in nature compared to others, so you are always in complete control over who gets to see what. And you can always adjust the scrambling settings and preview the end result before sending the photo, so that is always a plus.

A cool and user-friendly app, 5 stars well earned.

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