What is Group Face Swap?

It is not just about taking selfie’s anymore.it appears a photo of your very own photo confront just isn’t sufficient any longer, and it’s not really astonishing: the selfie rage has snowballed crazy, with each Tom, Dick or Harry snapping endlessly at any given open door.

It was just a matter of time before individuals got exhausted, and it appears they’ve officially gone and discovered something new.

The most recent furor includes swapping your selfie face with somebody or something else’s selfie face, which makes you look extremely bizarre and funny contingent upon what your camera chooses is a face.

With face swap fever rapidly spreading on the web,developers have bounced into the trade to furnish us with various tool, so that you can get in on the face swap fun on Android, iOS phones.

One of such app that has made that possible is “group face swap“. The app developed by Simon ward help’s perform result can that can be very alarming to say the least, additionally hilarious.


Estimated at 7.7mb at the iTunes store,it helps you to face swap more than 12 images at a go and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

What’s more,the app is pretty much easy to use making it possible to swap faces on an existing photo, so you don’t have to take a new one.

It also has a simple and friendly interface which might be of help to those new in the world of face swapping and help you process the faces of up to 12 person at once in one photo,giving you the choice to change the outcome when they have been rendered.

All in all,group face swap is an app that takes face swapping to the next level at the push of a button.

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