What is Math on Tiles?

Maths on Tiles is a casual puzzle game for the gamers who are good with numbers. The object is to find the equation hidden on the board of tiles, which gives the required answer.

Playing the game is easy, just click on the tile you want to be part of the equation, and click or drag your finger to the adjacent tile.


When you think you have the correct equation, click the equal’s button and see if you are right.

Although it’s really easy to pick up, as the number of tiles in the equation increase, the more difficult it gets.


Prepare for long sessions of staring at your phone screen. You will curse yourself for not finding the obvious answer.

Maths on Tiles, is a great time sink when you are bored on the train, or in a waiting room.

Time just fly’s by while you try to solve the puzzle, and you’ll also give your brain a great workout.

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