What is Qontact?

Life in the modern world is very dynamic, and we have hundreds of tasks a day. We all have to do many things for many people, so we need contact details of hundreds of people in order to finish our obligations.

This makes it essential to write down every person’s contact details manually on our phones, which takes a lot of time, it might lead to mistakes, such as improperly written cell phone number, improperly written name, failure to hear the phone number in loud environments, etc.

Writing contact details takes time too, as when we’re too busy we don’t have time even for the smallest things. There is a better way of sending contact details.

Qontact is the new way to share contacts and business cards as well as the entire contact book. With Qontact, you can send your whole phone book to anyone in several file formats, including plain text, Vcard, text file, csv, etc.


This software makes it possible to send contact details in one second by simply choosing a contact from your phone’s phone book via email. When you send contacts with Qontact, you send, at the same time, phone numbers, email, Facebook information, etc.

As every person keeps his contact information of his/her business partners into his email address, Qontact prevents transferring contact information from an SMS to email.

With Qontact, you receive the contact details; you need directly to your email. It exports even information like birthday, contact image, etc.

The Qontact’s creator is open for suggestions. If you want an option available on Qontact, you can simply send him a message, and he will add that option for you.

Qontact is user friendly to the elderly who don’t speak English as the creator accepts translations of his software and he will add your mother tongue in his software as an option.

So make life easier for yourself and others. Send contact information fast and without mistakes. Download Qontact on windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/qontact/e3404be4-324f-46e3-b47d-5561c676cad6 and save time on writing hundreds of contact information a day.

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