What is Seudos Social?

If you’re the type of social networking user who have always felt that the current social app that you’re using is lacking of responsive features, then Seudo Social could very well be the want.

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This is because this app basically streamlines all your social networking and other online endeavors and presents them in a very user-friendly manner.

Besides the common things that people can do on social networking like adding friends, viewing other users’ shares, sharing websites and blogs, answering polls, and sharing various multimedia, Seudo Social goes further by adding the ability to create, share and answer quizzes, sell items directly, post in its built-in forum and post a business directory.

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The forum is noteworthy since rarely has there been a fusion of forum and social network before.

The app’s ultimate value lies in the fact that, with its plethora of features, it lessens the time that you need to spend on transitioning from one social activity online to the next. Truly, an app that delivers what its users need and want.

The best feature with it is that you can create your own apps and include them in it which provides you with a ready user base.

To do this you will need to communicate with the app developers so that they can give you access but still you are the one to run the app that you created.


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