What is Trade24?

Maybe you have tried Forex trading and had some success, and now you want to find out more about trading stocks, or even commodities. Trade 24 uses platforms that allow you to do all of this, and more.

With a commitment to customer service, and a free-trade policy that means that Trade 24 do not take a commission on your trades, then this might be the ideal place to start expanding and strengthening your investment portfolio.


Trade 24 has been operating since 2007, and they use specially designed platforms that are up-to-the-minute in terms of the technology, but are also easy to use, giving you a range of options to help you build your financial freedom.

Whether you choose to trade using the web hosted platforms, or if you wish to trade while you are travelling via the Smartphone mobile platform, you get good quality customer support, hints and tips about markets and trends, and this information is given in real time, so you can rely on its accuracy.

You can access the dealing room to make Forex trades, stock trades, commodity trades or even CFDs, day or night, and all through the trading week.

Maybe your portfolio is full of stocks, and you think it might be the right time to diversify. If you have never tried trading commodities before, you might want to begin with a reliable, tried and tested strategy such as Range Trading, and the Trade 24 customer support team can take you through the process, so that you can benefit from the opportunity to try this low-commission, potentially sizeably profitable type of trading. Whatever you choose, Trade 24 can help you build a secure financial future using their trading platforms.

The website appears to stay regularly updated, with breaking economic news and up-to-date information regarding the current state of the market, and clearly fulfills its goal of being a central hub for all possible trading and investing needs.

Trade-24 is also surprisingly versatile, with a host of available platforms it can be used on. While I have not tested the many other versions, the website is very compatible with the mobile platform, and I frequently find myself using it on the go.

If you are doubtful of the website’s credibility, you can check below at the bottom of the page as I did to read up on the websites many qualifications.

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