What is UN Jobs?

Looking for a job online, but still can’t find the one that you truly feel is right for you? Perhaps you should be using more than just Google search.

After all, there are many business apps found in the Google Play Store that actually focus on helping people find the job that they want or organization that they want to work for.

For instance, many of the apps in the Business category in the said platform have plenty of apps that deal with just that.

The benefits of using such apps is that they have a targeted approach to helping people land the job that would be compatible with their experience, passion, and preferences.

With your goal in mind, think of UN Jobs¬†as a stepping stone to making your dream of working for the world’s largest intergovernmental organization come true.


Upon launching the app, the user would immediately be given a list of the latest jobs available in the UN.

Each job that is listed on the first tab is well organized in a manner that calls to mind the way most classified ads are presented, which is also a feature that is worth commending since it’s something that most users are familiar with and is very convenient overall.

A single job entry is headed by the department or branch of the UN from which the job originated and users can expect to work for, as well as various other important details of the job.


This is one plus that the app has because it makes it easier for users to skim through the listing, while browsing for one that would fit their skills, proficiency, and preferences.

Each job listing also showcases a wealth of information upon being clicked, and pretty much has all the details the user would ever need about the job; without a doubt, another invaluable feature.

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