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Herpes is generally considered a not so serious medical condition that can be treated and easily. An important aspect of herpes is the fact that once infected, the person remains so for life.

After primary infection, the virus installs in lymph nodes, where it is reactivated with or without favoring cause, but usually in periods of decreased immunity. Specific location for each person explains that the lesions generally occur in the same place.

The cause of herpes appearance is the so called “herpes simplex virus” (HSV). Of the eight known types, the most common are HSV-1 and HSV-2, which is manifested in the form of red bumps sprinkled with fluid-filled, small, painful blisters localized on the face or genitals.

The infection is spread by skin to skin contact, because the virus is transmissible in periods in which it doesn’t show any skin sign.

The purpose of any herpes “victim” is to make the infection manifest more rarely . Once you have been infected with the virus, you need to start a campaign to discourage recurrence. Once you have learned to recognize specific signs and itching and burning sensation which will announce recurrence of herpes, you can apply several home remedies.

After being diagnosed with herpes (by differentiating clinical and laboratory tests for other conditions), the doctor can establish an individualized Herpes treatment. Also, avoiding trauma injuries and protection are important factors in limiting the extension and transmission to others.

As mentioned above, herpes is a virus that causes those annoying cold sores on the lips, or warts on the genitals. And it doesn’t end there! Did you know that Infections mono is caused by a herpes virus called Epstein-Barr-Virus?

And that shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox? So if you caught chickenpox as a child you are at risk of developing shingles! Wanna read more interesting facts about herpes? Check out!

This blog focuses primarily on the herpes viruses found in the human body in a latent state. These viruses can remain dormant and hidden from the immune system for years, only to erupt later without warning.


In this blog, you can find important useful information about recent scientific research concerning Herpes infection, as well as new effective treatment on the market!

The knowledge provided in this blog will help you become aware of any herpes virus infection your body harbours. As Robin Norwood once said, “Make your own recovery the first priority in your life.”

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