Xpect Monitoring Software

Even though there are numerous companies that offer monitoring software products, not all are the same and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and interests. This Xpect Review will highlight the main features of this expectancy based monitoring application.

Monitoring your IT infrastructure is not the easiest thing one can think of, but there are ways to transform this necessity into a hassle-free experience. This is the very reason why Xpect monitoring software was developed in the first place.

As a business owner, you are surely aware of the fact that business relies completely on a series of services and events that take place on a regular basis. However, if these are not monitored at all times, you cannot know whether they work or not. This is what web application monitoring is all about.

Xpect monitoring software allows you to monitor each and every single piece of unique code in a matter of mere seconds. This way, you can make sure that what you did a couple of days ago, is still working at the present time and will continue to do so in the future. Expectancy based monitoring enables you to get notified, so that you can take care of arising problems before they end up affecting your business.

With Xpect you can monitor payments, database backups, scheduled file updates and even email sendouts. This monitoring software simplifies the process as follows – first of all, you will have to set up an expectation, then you copy the code provided to your clipboard and lastly, you just have to paste the code.

The Xpect monitoring software dashboard allows you to keep track of all services and events that relate to your IT infrastructure from one place alone and with a UI that anyone understands. You will be notified each time a failure occurs. Xpect notifies you on the spot each time an expectation fails to check in. This way, you can address the issue immediately and reduce the damage it can cause to an absolute minimum.

In addition to that, it is noteworthy that Xpect monitoring software integrates perfectly with Nagios, PagerDuty, New Relic and Atlassian HipChat.

In conclusion, Xpect monitoring software is more reliable and user-friendly than other similar programs. Yet another aspect that you should keep in mind is the fact that this expectancy based monitoring solution does not require a big time investment.

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