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Simply being loyal is never enough for one to be a fan of sports. An avid sports enthusiast must go out of their way to get the latest updates on scores, player transfers and other sports news.

It is absolutely impossible for one to watch all sports channels all at one instance, so they will have to find alternatives to getting news about the other sports.

Most apps do not make this possible, and even for the ones that do so, everything goes on at a very slow pace.

The Yellfy sports app is basically the only app that ensures you have all up-to-date sports information at your fingertips.


This app collects real-time sports news and related updates and information from different sources across the internet including blogs and websites, and brings it all in one place; you iPhone, thanks to the Yellfy Blog Feature.

You also get real-time scores and stats on its Scores Feed depending on your combined choice of sports leagues, players and teams.

You also stand to benefit from Yellfy’s Sports Ticket marketplace where you can instantly access sports tickets and buy them on the go. Tickets are sold at fixed prices or on bids.

You can also sell tickets to a match you organized by simply taking the ticket’s picture, clicking on Add Tickets and upload the picture.

Yellfy is definitely the best app to keep anyone who loves sports updated. This app can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore free of charge.

It is supported in English, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Swedish languages and is developed by the Yingit Inc.

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